About us

Greece and in general all of the Mediterranean is a magical place, with such beauty, and this is reflected in everything it has to offer, from food, landscape, beaches and of course fashion.  


In 2015, Katerina and Maria begun the journey of bringing own dream into reality and we launched Ammos.   Our goal is simple -  to bring a touch of Mediterranean to shores around the world.

Our pieces are unique and bring out every woman's confidence and beauty. We carefully selected the most intricate, unique pieces and worked with the craftsmen to bring you comfort and fashion. All our products designed by Katerina and Maria and are handmade with lots of love in Greece by the highly skilled craftsmen.  Their attention to detail is second to none, and the quality speaks for itself.


Our leather sandals are made from an eco-friendly leather. Firstly the leather is a byproduct of the meat-industry. Secondly, it undergoes an environmentally-friendly production, with ethical practices. The leather is not tanned (the process to get it to leather to make goods) via chemicals, which can be harmful to the environment, instead vegetable tanning is used.